What are the benefits of a birth doula?

How will care look if we work together?

This is a question that is coming up more as people are learning of the phenomenon of doulas. When I started as a doula six years ago, the percentage of people living in SF that were familiar with a doula was roughly 40%. Now, almost everyone has heard of a doula through family, friends or co-workers, and their positive effects on birth outcomes!



The benefits of having a doula are endless!

Here are some to name a few...

  •  Provides emotional, intellectual and physical support

  •  Is trained in comfort measures to help you through labor

  •  Helps the family become informed about their labor/birth options  

  •  Helps facilitate communication between family and medical professionals

  •  Supports the partner as well 

  •  Is familiar with birth and can help normalize this adventurous experience

Research has shown contintinuity of care with a doula means lower intervention

rates and more vaginal births! Click this link to learn more:










I will now be offering my doula services in partnership with 2 other birth doulas, Alli Cuentos and Shannon Padlog, as part of 'Collective Hearts Birth Services'.

Please click on our new website below to learn more of what our care looks like as your doulas!












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