What are the benefits of a birth doula?

This is a question that is coming up more as people are learning of the phenomenon of doulas. When I started as a doula six years ago, the percentage of people living in SF that were familiar with a doula was roughly 40%. Now, almost everyone has heard of a doula through family, friends or co-workers, and it's wonderful because doulas are making a difference in birth outcomes!



The benefits of having a doula are endless!

Here are some to name a few...

  •  Provides emotional, intellectual and physical support

  •  Is trained in comfort measures to help you through labor

  •  Helps the family become informed about their labor/birth options  

  •  Helps facilitate communication between family and medical professionals

  •  Supports the partner as well 

  •  Is familiar with birth and can help normalize this adventurous experience

Research has shown contintinuity of care with a doula means lower intervention

rates and more vaginal births! Click this link to learn more:








My hope is to build relationships with the families that I work with. In this way, we hold visits in your home so that we have a safe space to talk about all that has already come up or may come up in pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Pregnancy to postpartum is an intimate time and I hold it as a priority to create and have a nurturing friendship with the families I get the honor of working with. 

Once we start working together, you will receive the following;


2 prenatal home visits where we get to know each other & discuss your questions, hopes, priorities, and birthing options.  I share pain-coping practices, massage techniques, positions, the normal physiology of labor, and preparing for postpartum.


24-hour on-call labor support before and after your estimated "due-ish" date


Phone and email support from the start of care until the very end


Labor support when you need me (starting at home or at the hospital, your choice) until 1-2 hours after your baby's birth


1 postpartum home visit to check in and see how your new family is transitioning, process your birth experience & any questions you have, talk about self care postpartum, and provide resources as needed for breastfeeding and any other postpartum needs


 Total cost for my services is $1800 




How will care look if we work together?

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