A few kind words from families I've worked with....

"Jen was with us during labor and was amazing in everything she did during what could have been a stressful time. Jen anticipated every move that needed to be made, from massages to ambiance to guidance to Nate on how to be the best birthing partner possible."

- Tammy, Nate, Makalyah, & Malia





​"As first time parents the birth process was a scary unknown. Although we understood it was a big decision, we had no idea what a huge impact our choice in doula would make. Thank you so much for guiding and supporting us through the process. We felt informed, respected, and cared for from our first meeting through the follow up visit. Working with you was powerfully positive and we're so glad to have had you both at our child's birth."

Thank You!

- Marie, Joe, & August


"Jen was absolutely instrumental in my intervention free birth.  I began my search for doulas after finding out I was pregnant with my 3rd child. My first birth was really difficult, and required many interventions. My second child came so quickly that there was no time to even think of pain meds. For my third birth I knew that I wanted a totally natural birth.


She helped me in so many ways! Before the birth she provided support and advice. During the birth she supported me physically and spiritually. She helped make my wishes known to the staff of nurses. After the birth of my daughter she stayed with me for a long time when I otherwise would have been alone. Jen has such a peaceful way, it helped my birth remain stress-free."


- Holly, Wilvert, Mercedes, Leyla, & Mattea



We found Jen and Lucy late in our pregnancy - about 37 weeks. When we met with them for the first time we told them that what we wanted most was to create a peaceful, mellow environment during the labor and birth. They really helped us create and maintain that feeling throughout the process - from our prenatal visit to the labor as well as at the postpartum visit.

They were particularly amazing during the labor process. From the moment they met us at the hospital, they were supportive in every way - whether it was massaging during contractions, encouraging movement and new positions, reminding both my partner and I to drink, or being staunch advocates for us when it came to our birth plan. They listened to our concerns and were not afraid to help us voice them to our provider.

Overall, we felt cared for, supported and well informed throughout the day. We would recommend Jen and Lucy to anyone interested in doula care. We are so happy they were there to help us welcome our baby into the world!

- Rachelle, Ricky, and Sophie

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“Working with you was powerfully positive and we're so glad to have had you at our child's birth.
Thank You!"

-Marie, Joesph & August



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